Crystallized Water - Cure or Esoterical?

The discussions about a (supposed) energy in "crystallized water" and "waters metaphysical ability to memorize" are increasing and growing. This blog shall serve as a public library and collection of this subject matter.

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Email aus den USA

Von Greg Willard aus den USA erreichte uns folgende Mail über sein allgemein verbessertes Wohlbefinden:

"I began taking Crystal Essence PowerPaste about 1 year ago. I did not have a particular ailment other than the effects of aging (aches, pains, reduced energy and sexual desire). After about 2 weeks of taking the solution, I noticed increased energy and a more pronounced sense of well-being. My sex drive had improved and the aches and pains seemed much milder. It left me with a desire to make the Crystal Essence a daily supplement...perhaps in all forms it comes in."

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